We are praying for a Christian India in our lifetime

2000 years after Christ and a billion Indians still have no access to the gospel.

Despite 200 years of Western missionary activity in India, only 2.3% of its population is Christian - around 3 million people.


As our founder - Das - would say:


Yet we believe there should be many more - and that soon.


Watch Nanki & Alison's Story

Nanki, one of our first church planters, is a woman of extraordinary faith and resilience. Alison, one of our first plant funders, is a woman of extraordinary faith and generosity. Together, they have brought almost 200 people to faith. This is their story.


Harnessing the untapped power of the native Indian


Well trained native missionaries have high success rates in establishing churches in unreached villages. Ours in particular place an emphasis on always discipling the next generation of church-planters. The result of this is nothing less than new villages becoming flourishing centres of missionary recruitment.

The evangelised become evangelists, new believers become church-planters, and the number of missionaries can multiply exponentially. This is how the 500 000 churchless villages of India can be reached for Christ. The goal is to have our missionaries multiply until they are enough to reach them all.

But these church planters can only go if they are sent, and that means having people to send them . This includes providing for their financial requirements, which are approximately £50 a month per missionary. We desperately need such people -  and you can be one of them! 

All India can be reached if we will partner with and send these missionaries.

And All India is our mission.

One Country. 
A Billion unreached people.
500 000 Churches.


100% Model

When we say £50 a month, we mean it. It's not part of the cost and not a 'sponsorship'. You are exclusively funding a native missionary and their church plant.

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Go Native

We only train native Indians. They know the language and culture, live simply, are used to hardship, and - unlike foreign missionaries - are protected from  governmental restrictions by Indian law.

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While we trust in God we also believe in prudence. We track every church plant's growth and keep their story alive for you with photos and updates on their advances and setbacks 

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